Are you a non-UK business?

Considering selling into the UK market?

Expanding outside your home market brings new challenges but also opportunities.

Regulatory, legal and commercial obligations are usually the obvious considerations.
Practically, issues such as managing people, cultural differences both in customer behaviour and in employee communication can place additional demands on resources, resulting in frustration, time wasting and missed opportunities.
Equally, export markets bring opportunities to learn valuable lessons both in terms of business processes and product development.
At Inergus, we won’t just help you move ahead quickly, our international experience, strategic awareness and  process-led approach to business development will ensure we understand the issues and co-design the systems you need to ensure continued delivery of results.
Our innovative approach of combining new and established marketing communications channels and combining these with a continuous improvement methodology in sales, customer service and personal development will introduce you to an intelligent, sustainable approach to your UK business.
One that we are confident will deliver opportunities in your home market as well.

Whether you need a partner to take direct responsibility for the UK market, to support your direct marketing and sales activity in the UK, or act to establish your directly managed UK business development team, we will de-risk that investment and enable you to achieve greater success, faster.

Have a question about the UK market? – contact us, if we don’t know we will know where to look.


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