April 2018.1 Brexit or not, Britain’s open for business


April 2018

Brexit has undoubtably boggled some brains in Britain but the big multi-nationals, making long term investment decisions in manufacturing capability, seem to now be pressing on for the most. Undeniably, UK growth is lagging it’s European neighbours, maybe a result of Brexit-induced deliberation. Probably still too early to know just how much of an impact that has had.

However confusing the politics they have to find a way forward when it comes to the big issues. Transportation – the plans for HS2, Crossrail etc, point to an inspiring renaissance getting underway. Energy – my gridcarbon intensity app constantly shows impressive figures for offshore wind’s contribution and clearly there is much more to come. Where might the transition to electrically powered vehicles and de-centralised generation of electrical power take us?  We are infamously reluctant to support long-term strategic initiatives, subsidies for solar were badly thought through, the boom/bust approach didn’t excatly help establish a solar installation industry.

Brexit or not, opportunities remain.


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